Corporate Law

We provide legal support to business owners, investors and companies, both local and international clients on a broad range of corporate and ancillary legal services.
Our experience offers clients corporate support which is tailored at the individual and company level. We address risk, protect the company and its key decision takers by ensuring that business decisions and transactions are backed by firm contracts. The process entails assistance in drafting agreements, reviewing changes, negotiating and advising the client during negotiations, protecting the client's intellectual property rights and assisting the client to negotiate from a position of strength.
Assisting clients to negotiate from a position of strength
in all business transactions

Our team is specialised in corporate and commercial matters and advises, negotiate and represent clients on the following services:

• Shareholder Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Joint Venture Agreements
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Purchase/Sell and Share Transfer Agreements
• Corporate Finance and Loan Agreements
• Employment Agreements
• Management Agreements
• Service Agreements
• Indemnification Agreements
• Registration of Maltese companies and other commercial partnerships;
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Legal due diligence reports;
• Share transfer agreements;
• Pledging of shares
• Corporate governance practices
• Redomiciliation of companies
• Day-to-day corporate and commercial queries

Malta's company law and financial legislation has been largely modelled on the UK. This, coupled with Malta's membership of the EU and the adherence to all EU Company Law Directives draws a lot of interest for private investors and business owners. The Maltese Companies Act (chapter 386 of the laws of Malta) provides a number of vehicles with which to undertake business. Together with the tax incentives and often an effective corporate tax rate of 5%, the numerous double taxation treaties concluded with Malta, businesses choose to invest, holding and operate in and through Malta.
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